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10 Best Online Side Hustles That Will Make You Money Fast

best online side hustles
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

There’s no denying that we’re living in the digital age where internet-enabled gadgets and smart home appliances are part of our everyday lives.

Go to any typical home during dinner, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

All eyes are on phones, and no conversation goes on among family members.

Most critics argue that it’s all wrong but they could be right to a certain point.

Let’s just say that the positives outweigh the negatives.

The internet is a lifesaver, no doubt about that.

Take Google for example.

You can get almost anything just by keying in whatever you’re looking for in the search bar and voila!

While at it, let’s not forget social media platforms.

They help us connect with our pals and family members as well as market whatever you have to offer to the world.

Despite your age, you need to have basic knowledge of the internet, and at least know how to work with a computer especially now that the internet is a significant source of job opportunities today.

If you haven’t thought of earning online, all you need is a steady internet connection and a computer.

It’s all about determination, patience, and patience and you could be making hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars right at the comfort of your home.

The fantastic thing about online ventures is that there are a variety of jobs to choose from.

If you’re looking for online gigs to earn in the shortest time possible, then these are for you.

Table of Contents

1. Online Coaching

Are you skilled in guiding people? If yes, being an online coach can work great for you. You don’t necessarily need special qualifications to be a professional coach.

All you have to do is spot your niche and go for it. Whichever coach you want to be, the power is in your hands.

If it’s your first time, it helps to find out if online coaching is something that you can do well. Then, hire a coach to take you through the process. This not only helps you learn more, but it helps you to determine if it’s what you want to do.

Next, get some skills from a legit coaching program. The program earns you a certificate, which makes it easier for you to get clients.

Once you’re through with that, don’t jump into the business yet. Test your skills. Offer your services free of charge to people you interact with easily, such as your friends or family. Their opinion can help you weigh yourself and learn where to improve.

From here, you’re free to spot your preferred mode of reaching out to your clients. Is it via Skype, email or video chat? The options are endless.

You can now create a website for yourself. Or, ask someone qualified to help you out. Details like the services you offer, rates and contact details are essential.

Finally, advertise yourself online. To avoid an advertisement fee, post an advertisement for your business in a free-ad site. An example of one is Craigslist.

2. Take and Sell Photos Online

You might be good with a camera, but you’re yet to capitalize on your skill. With the internet, you can soar high and earn some money in the snap of a finger.

Many photo websites pay good money for quality photos. Here are some of them:


If you specialize in wedding and other event photos, Snapped4u is the site for you. All that’s needed of you is to make a gallery on the website, upload your pictures and set prices for each photo. The highest amount allowed for each picture is $20.

You must have a PayPal account, where they will transfer your earnings. They do the transfers twice per month; on the 1st and 15th. To avoid inconveniences, use the email address for your email account for your Pay Pal account.


Being a website with many users, selling your photos on this site is a guarantee of earning money. The site allows you to do everything. From choosing an advertising style to setting the price for your pics, it’s entirely up to you.


Now known as Adobe Stock, the site boasts being in existence for ten years. It has a reseller network that helps promote your work all over the world.

There are several online payment systems used here; Skrill and PayPal. Your ranking determines the amount of cash you earn.

You have to be pretty patient to work here. The site requires you to wait for 45 days minimum after making your first sale. This helps in controlling fraud.


It came into existence over 15 years ago. It has been a favorite of photo buyers and sellers since then. It offers royalty-free stock photos to buyers and makes the selling experience enjoyable for sellers.

Once you upload your pictures in it, it provides a cool set of tools that you can use to track your payment. Every time a buyer downloads your approved work, you earn royalties.


Established in 2008, this e-commerce system helps you sell your photos on your website. Just set the prices of your pictures, and it handles the rest. You need to have a Fotomoto account, as well as a PayPal or Stripe account to receive your payment.

3. Search Stuff on the Internet

Get this: some sites online pay you to search the internet. No prank. Sites such as Swagbucks will pay you to watch videos and leave reviews of them. They have a TV channel called Swagbucks TV that you can access and watch the videos on it.

For every 30-minute video you watch, you’re credited with 3SBs. Here’s the interesting thing; you don’t have to watch the clips to earn your points.

Just open a window, let the channel run in the background as you go about your other business online. Here’s the deal: you can’t skip to another video before the current one comes to an end.

They also have an app that you can download for free on your Ios or Android device. You can then watch videos in them and scoop an extra 50SBs daily.

The content they send you various types of content, from viral clips to adverts. They also pay users to take surveys.

As you use their engine, they gift you with reward points, called SBs, after a couple of searches. You need to have a PayPal account.

Here’s where they will transfer your money if you want to change your points into cash. The least count required for you to cash your rewards is 500 SBs.

It only gets better. They pay you for signing up. Plus, you earn some SBs by sharing your sign up link with your buddies.

If you’re looking to make more within a short while, you could use more sites like it together at once. Other sites with this super offer are;, Bing Rewards, ZoomBucks, Google ScreenWise, and PCH Search & Win.

4. Test a New Website

Still, on that note, other sites pay for your opinion. Depending on the site and payment date, your earnings vary.

You get to help other users make informed decisions while making some bucks for yourself. It’s a classic example of killing two birds with one stone.

To begin testing, log in to the new site and give ratings and your feedback on the various gigs on the website.

Some of these sites are Survey Junkie, Fame Bit, which is a product of YouTube, and Ciao, which is in the UK.

If you’re into free products and discounts, other sites like Tryazon and PINCHme are worth your while. A drawback of both of them, however, is you get no cash for your reviews.

Others like offer a variety of tests. You take part in these tests and give your honest opinion, and you get paid for it. You’re likely to earn at least $10 for every test that you take part in.

Be sure to find out whether the site pays or not to avoid inconvenience on your part.

5. Teach Online

You don’t need to have academic qualifications to pass on your skills to people online at a fee. You can choose to do a bit of casual teaching. Share tips on how to draw or make something, depending on your area of expertise.

Online teaching has become a more preferred mode of teaching. The trick is to be yourself and be as simple as you can. It has many advantages and this explains why more people are squeezing it into their daily schedules.

First, your students give you their full attention. If they’re in a library or other place with a few distractions, they can learn faster. You won’t have to struggle to get their attention.

Second, you’re more available to your students. A traditional classroom limits you to the office. You can choose to reach them via email, Skype or any other means that you prefer.

Third, and the most convenient, you don’t have to go anywhere. Whether you’re at home or at a restaurant, all you need is your device and stable internet to reach your students. Plus, you save time and money.

Fourth, you can plan your lessons based on a time that works for you. You may decide to skip a day or two, or to teach at the weekends if you’re comfortable with it.

The best part is, you get to decide the price for your services. Sites such as Udemy and CreativeLive can be of help to you.

Here’s a quick list of some online English teaching websites you can apply for:

6. Sell Old Stuff

If you’ve got a selection of CDs in good shape and you don’t need them anymore, don’t get rid of them. Instead of piling them up in the basement, you can make them your primary source of income. This can work as you search for other money-making means.

DVDs and old books also sell like hotcake in some sites like Amazon, eBay, Offer Up, Bonanza and Craigslist. And the items don’t end there. Others pay big for children’s clothes, electronics, cars and more.

Having each of these can be a financial boost for you. By opening up an account in any of the sites, you get the go-ahead to market your stuff.

When selling your items, please make them look neat. The tidier they look, the more buyers they’ll attract. Paint them, fix a part that needs repair or remove any marks that may make them appear unappealing.

Also, try keeping within local boundaries to avoid shipping fees. Have your client come and pick up the product. Or, you could show your gratitude and take it to them.

If you plan on selling your stuff on eBay, make the pictures you take look as colorful as possible. Don’t photoshop. Have honest descriptions on each of them. They have to look clear for potential buyers to have a better look at them.

Be sure to use the right site to sell your items. For instance, furniture may not be a hit in Amazon, but you’re more likely to get ready buyers on Craigslist.

Most importantly, sell items that most people need. Stuff like gloves and cooking pots may not get a second glance.

7. Publish an eBook and Sell It

If blogging seems like a bit of a hassle for you, but you’ve got writing skills, try writing an eBook. eBooks are more preferred because they’re easily accessible. Plus, people can read them within a short time.

To make fast cash, you have to write about topics that people want to read, within a short period. Try motivational books or one that offers advice on something.

Depending on your schedule and speed, writing an eBook can be a challenge and impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. As a matter of fact, in the right environment, you can take a couple of weeks or less to complete and sell it. Wondering how to go about this? Here’s how.

Steps to Writing a Book

First, identify a topic that you want to write about. This will act as a guideline for the rest of the book. Ask around what people want to read. Then, get your idea from there.

Next, have an outline of your book. It’ll help you identify any errors as well as come up with more ideas to make it more interesting. There’s nothing as bad as reaching the middle of your book and getting stuck in the middle because you didn’t plan well. Take your time.

The next step is pretty obvious: put your ideas down on paper. This will take plenty of time, three weeks at least. Depending on the number of words you wish to write, you could take more or fewer days. Strive to write down as many words as possible in a day to get it done on time.

This means no distractions, no editing as your ideas flow and work when it best suits you. You must keep writing and use a timer to keep your mind alert.

Once you’re done, get to going over it again pronto. Correct any mistakes and add anything that you feel was missing the first time you wrote it. If you’ve got an e-reader, this helps speed up the process. Going over it the old fashioned way isn’t that bad either.

And…you’re good to go! You can choose to view your book as a PDF or print it out. Sell it on a credible site like Barnes and Noble. Expect to get at least $750 per month for your work.

8. Being a Virtual Assistant

Sites like TaskRabbit, PeoplePerHour, and are in need of virtual assistants. Their role in the growth of online businesses has become evident over the last couple of years.

This is a great reason to give the virtual assistant gig a try. The only qualifications you need are; you have to be flexible and be computer literate.

As a virtual assistant, there are many things that your client may need you to do. They could ask you to do some online research on new products or get some info on corporate sites.

Being a virtual assistant has its upsides. Some of them are; you’re in control. You get to choose whom to work for, when to call it a day, and come up with a schedule that fits your daily life.

Another perk is you get to work from home or anywhere else. This means that you won’t have to spend money on transport or pay an office leasing fee. Plus, start-up costs are impressively low, and you’re more mobile when working.

Virtual assistants get plenty of exposure. They gain experience by working in a variety of jobs. They also gain knowledge in many fields and industries. Having more experience increases your chances of getting a job. The least you should expect to get on a monthly basis is $500.

9. Become a Freelancer

Most people believe that freelancing is like getting a job in an office. This is true to some extent, but being a freelancer grants you more opportunities.

You get to meet different clients and offer your services to them. Most freelancing opportunities lie in fields. Some of them are Web Design/Development, Graphic Design, Accounting/Bookkeeping, and Writing.

The more flexible you are the better. When it comes to payment, you get paid based on your target market and the skills you’ve acquired. An average freelancer gets roughly $10-$75 in an hour.

If you’ve got skills like website coding, you’re likely to get paid higher than that. If you’ve got no clue about freelancing but wish to become one, here are some pointers to help you out.

Set Aside Working Hours 

For you to be serious with your work, you have to set aside specific hours for working. And, train yourself to stick to them. No matter the emergency, don’t let anything that’s not work-related eat into this time.

Find a quiet, distraction-free place to work from

Working from home can be tricky. This is especially true when you must balance your work with chores. That’s why you need to have a room dedicated to work. Working without distractions allows you to get more work done.

Have What You Need for the Job

Most freelancing jobs need you to have a desktop or a laptop at least. However, don’t assume that this is all you need to handle every freelancing job.

Some jobs may need you to have a printer. Take your time to research before you work so that you’re well-equipped for it.

Put Your Online Payment Merchant in Order

Do you have an online payment merchant? If not, it’s important to set one up before venturing into the freelancing business.

This guarantees you prompt payment at the end of every billing month. Payment dates may vary from client to client.

Know When to Decline

It might excite you that you’ve gotten a client or two and you’re ready to go the extra mile to keep them. However, you should learn to set boundaries. Know how far you can stretch.

Whenever someone crosses these boundaries, don’t be afraid to decline. You may lose a job, but think of it more positively; more clients will come your way. Nothing should come before your welfare.

Have Some Time for Yourself

It’s tempting to stay up late checking emails. You don’t want to miss any mail from clients. Or, overlooking chill time and spending more hours in front of your computer.

But, bear this in mind: as much as working is essential, having time to relax is important too if you wish to stay healthy.

Spend the weekend away from your computer. Get some sleep. Go for a vacation somewhere. Get together with your friends. Do whatever makes you feel relaxed so you can have the strength to keep working.

Wrapping It Up

It’s time to get over the mentality that there’s nothing you can do to earn some quick cash. You may not be skilled with devices but the little skills you have can be all you need to make some money.

More people are turning online to get their daily bread. Join the informed few. The good thing about online hustles is that not all of them need special skills. You can get a gig that works for you. Whether it’s selling your pics or selling stuff you don’t need.

Get training if necessary, invest in a computer if you have to and get busy. Regardless of your age, it’s never too late to go online. Take the step to start earning today.

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