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10 Best Ways To Get Free Visa Gift Cards Online

free visa gift cards
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Fortunately, there are plenty of open opportunities to get free Visa gift cards. 

These cards are one of the best options as a free reward since you can use it anywhere Visa is accepted, and they’re literally as good as cash.

We went ahead and did all the research to show you the best companies that actually do offer visa gift cards for free.

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10 Best Ways to Score Free Visa Gift Cards

Below is a list of the 10 ways to get a Visa gift card.

In addition, we’ve listed out the pros and cons of each item as well as how it works and what other prizes you can cash out for.

Keep in mind that the form of payment will most likely be in the form of a physical or virtual prepaid Visa debit card or credit card.

And to give you even more reassurance, we know that these methods actually work because we’ve personally tested each and every one of them.

The best part? They’re all 100% free to join.

1. Swagbucks

swagbucks welcome page

Swagbucks is one of the most popular rewards sites that pays you for completing tasks through their website or mobile app.

To date they’ve given over $400 million dollars to their users since their founding in 2008.

Earn cash for completing tasks that you most likely already do on a daily basis. This includes:

  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Completing online surveys
  • Clipping coupons
  • Surfing the web through their search engine
  • Taking polls
  • More

For most users, the easiest and quickest way to earn money is when you answer surveys for money or watch videos.

When watching videos through Swagbucks, all you need to do is hit the “Play” button. From there, sit back and relax without having to hit a “next” button to continue.

In fact, you can even leave the computer and come back later and you’ll notice that your videos are still playing. This a great way to earn passive income.

When it comes to completing online surveys, members state that they can usually earn around $5 for completing surveys for 30 minutes of their time.

This platform gives you a $10 signup bonus when you first sign-up (this may vary by country).

The only downside is that since they have so many options to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Cash out for your Visa prepaid card once you reach a minimum of $5 (5,000 Swagbucks), a gift card to other retailers or to your PayPal account.

Swagbucks is definitely one of the best options on this list due to their high earnings rate.

You can also earn on the go by downloading their app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Need more information? Here’s a guide on the 10 best ways to make money fast with Swagbucks.

2. Branded Surveys

branded surveys homepageBranded Surveys is quickly becoming one of the most popular survey sites out there, and for good reason.

Although their payout rate isn’t as high as other online survey sites such as Survey Junkie, their payout rate is still high in comparison.

Right away you’ll be asked to complete a welcome survey for a 50 point bonus when you register as a new user.

When earning points with Branded Surveys, 1 point is equivalent to $.01 cent. Each survey pays anywhere between 10 to 300 points and takes anywhere from 10 – 20 minutes.

Users who frequently take surveys through this platform will earn even more.

Complete a set amount of surveys within a certain timeframe (such as 7 days) and earn a silver or gold badge.

Badge members can earn extra points for the surveys that they complete.

And if you don’t want to answer surveys for money, Branded Surveys also pays you for taking daily polls and referring friends.

Earn anywhere from 50 to 100 points for each friend you refer depending on the badge that you have.

On average, I find that it’s not difficult to earn $10 per hour or more when taking surveys with Branded Surveys, making this one of the best paid online survey sites out there.

You need a minimum of $10 in earned points to cash out. Payment methods include a gift code of your choosing or for free PayPal cash.

This company is available for both residents of the US and the UK.

3. Ibotta

earn with ibotta

Ibotta is a cash back app that pays you money for shopping on the Internet or in-store.

For in-store shopping, the only thing you need to do to earn cash back on your purchases is to take a picture of your receipt.

This includes convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies and many other places.

Look on the app, see what offers they have at a particular retailer, make your purchase and scan the receipt to your phone.

Right now they currently are partnered with over 341 popular merchants such as Target an Walmart.

For getting cash back when shopping online, Ibotta also functions as a cash back portal.

All you need to do is go through the Ibotta app and find the retailer you wish to shop at. Click on the link, and the app will automatically redirect you to that retailer’s page.

Make a purchase like you normally would, and Ibotta automatically tracks your purchase and gives you cash back for it. Expect to earn anywhere between 1% and 5% back.

My favorite part about this app is that they give you a $20 sign up bonus when you join as a new user an scan your first receipt.

Want even more money? For each friend you refer, you earn an additional $10.

Ibotta is one of the most popular receipt scanning apps for saving money if you’re looking to earn cash back and achieve your personal finance goals.

A minimum of $20 is needed to cash out. Payment methods include a prepaid gift card to Visa, cash via PayPal or earn gift cards to other retailers.

Check out our Ibotta guide for more ways to earn gift cards with this saving money app.

4. PointClub

register for pointclub

PointClub is a survey site that works across many different countries, but users in the United States will receive the most survey opportunities.

You’re given a nice signup bonus of $5 when you join as a new member.

What I really enjoy about PointClub is that they have incredibly high earnings for a survey site.

In order to maximize your earnings, the best way you’re going to earn is by using their tier system.

For each day you log-in consecutively, PointClub gives you a 10% bonus on all your points earned. This amount can be stacked up to a maximum of 100%.

However, forget to log-in one day consistently and your tier resets to nothing.

If you reach the maximum tier at 100% earnings (by logging-in 10 days in a row and keep logging-in), you can earn at a rate of close to $15 per hour,.

Yet if you don’t use the tier bonuses, you’re only going to earn around $8 per hour.

I also really enjoy PointClub for the wide amount of surveys that they have available. For this reason, users typically always have some way to earn.

Earn additional points with this survey platform by referring friends and getting a 10% bonus on their earnings.

Once you reach 20 referrals, you’re given the title of “Brand Ambassador” and your referral earning bump up to 20%.

I can’t recommend this site enough for earning prepaid virtual gift card to Visa for free.

And if you want to find out how to maximize your earnings, read our PointClub review.

5. Prize Rebel

sign up for prizerebel

Prize Rebel is quickly becoming one of the best paid online survey sites out due to their generous payout rate.

To put simply, Prize Rebel pays you to share your opinion.

The amount you can earn per hour depends on your demographics, but a lot members report earning at a rate of around $10 per hour. Of course, this is provided that you stick with the higher-paying surveys.

You need a minimum of $25 to cash out, which is a bit high compared to other survey sites. However, most users report reaching the minimum balance quite quickly.

Each time you take a survey you earn points that you can redeem for cash prizes such as virtual Visa gift cards, gift cards to other retailers, free PayPal cash and more.

Earn even more with Prize Rebel through their referral program.

They give you a 20% bonus on all of your friends’ earning for life (without taking away from their earnings). This bonus is a lot higher than most survey sites out there.

Unfortunately, Prize Rebel is not currently offering any sort of sign-up bonus.

If you want to find out more about this website, read our Prize Rebel review.

6. Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel

join the nielsen computer an mobile panel

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is a market research company that gives you free money just for downloading thieir app to your phone.

Leave the app installed in the background, and Nielsen will pay you free cash for sharing pieces of information.

This includes how many texts you send per day, how much time you spend on phone calls, etc. Nielsen then takes this data and then sells it to market research companies.

The Nielsen app will not read any personal information through your texts or listen in on any of your phone calls.

Furthermore, all information is kept anonymous, so they won’t be able to link it back to you.

You can expect to earn around $50 per year per device with this passive income app.

Install the app on multiple devices and you can double or even triple your earnings.

As far as we know, right now Nielsen doesn’t have any strict requirements on the amount of devices you can install the app on.

You can earn a free prepaid Visa virtual card by using the points that you earn by entering drawings. Usually these drawings award you with a $100 virtual Visa card, and sometimes even more.

Earn free gift cards to a retailer of your choice if you don’t wish to participate in prize drawings.

This app is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Read our Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel review to understand more about this mobile app.

7. MyPoints

mypoints registration page

MyPoints is a platform that pays you to watch videos, take surveys, surf the net and other options.

When you sign-up as a new user and earn $20 in your first 30 days, you get a $10 bonus in the form of a Visa virtual card or a free Amazon gift card.

The best way to earn extra money with MyPoints is by taking surveys or using their shopping portal.

With the shopping portal, simply log-in and browse one of the many retailers that they’ve partnered with.

On the platform, click on the retailer’s link that you wish you wish to shop at to be redirected to the retailer’s homepage.

Simply make a purchase like you normally would and MyPoints automatically tracks your purchase.

MyPoints earns a small commission when you use their link, and they give a portion of it back to you in the form of cash back.

MyPoints requires a minimum of $10 to claim your Visa card.

And for each friend who joins via your referral link or email invitation, you receive an additional 25 points.

If you’re looking to get more out of MyPoints, we’ve written up a full MyPoints review.

8. Inbox Dollars

inbox dollars 5 dollar registration bonus

Earning rewards with Inbox Dollars is very similar to a few other sites already mentioned on this list.

This small task site pays you for completing tasks that you already on a daily basis. Earn money by:

  • Watching videos
  • Reading emails
  • Taking surveys
  • Surfing the web through their search engine
  • Referring friends
  • Playing games
  • More

The great thing about this platform and mobile app is that you can earn cash just by opening your inbox.

This only takes a few seconds, and you’re granted a minimum of a few cents.

Unlike other rewards sites out there, Inbox Dollars doesn’t have you accumulate points and redeem them. Instead, they pay you straight in cash so there’s no need to convert.

Receive a $5 bonus when you join and a 10% bonus on any friends that you refer without taking away from their earnings.

The best an easiest way to earn with Inbox Dollars is either by reading emails, referring friends or taking surveys.

When it comes to taking surveys, we estimate that you can earn at a rate of roughly $8 to $10 per hour. Again, this depends on your demographics, meaning some users may earn more than others.

Redeem your points for a Visa prepaid gift card or earn free gift cards to a retailer of your choice.

Still confused? We also have an Inbox Dollars review with more information.

9. Opinion Outpost

earn free visa gift cards with opinion outpost

Opinion Outpost is another well-known survey site that gives you cash in exchange for sharing your opinion.

Earn points each time you complete a survey and redeem them for a prepaid Visa gift card.

The great thing about this survey site is that each time you complete a survey, you earn points and you’re automatically entered into a free prize drawing.

Their drawings are often quarterly and award one random member $10,000 USD.

Receive a 5 point bonus ($.50 cents) when you register as a new user and complete the welcome survey.

Keep in mind that the surveys you receive from other users may be different depending on your demographics that you fill out in the welcome survey.

Refer friends and receive an additional 5 points when they sign up using your referral link.

Another great thing about Opinion Outpost is their low payout minimum. You only need to have earned $3 to redeem for a gift voucher or cash via PayPal.

Opinion Outpost doesn’t pay as much as other top survey platforms, but it’s another great one to add to your list.

Expect to earn at a rate of anywhere between $8 to $12 per hour.

The one downside about this program? They sometimes send you too many email notifications.

Looking for more details regarding Opinion Outpost? Here’s our full review.

10. Opinion Square

opinion square review

Opinion Square works a little bit differently than most survey sites out there.

Like most paid survey platforms, this company sends you email notifications with new survey opportunities once you join.

Yet Opinion Square offers their users a chance to earn even more when you install their software to your computer.

The reason to install their software?

This increases your eligibility for surveys and since they can provide you with questions that are most relevant to the products and services that you use. In short, you’re getting paid for data sharing.

Keep in mind that the data they extract does not include any personal information such as reading your emails. They mostly want to track what software you use, information about your computer, etc.

Furthermore, all information is kept completely anonymous so there’s no way anyone can trace it back to you.

You can uninstall their software at any time.

On average you should expect anywhere between 3 to 4 surveys per month. Although this amount is quite low, they all pay at a decent rate.

The other great thing about Opinion Square is that you’re automatically entered into a drawing for $100,000 USD each time you take a survey.

Get free Visa prepaid cards or a gift voucher of your choice when you redeem your points. Keep in mind that points do expire, so use them quickly.

How Can I Get Visa Gift Cards For Free?

There are lots of ways when it comes to earning a virtual prepaid Visa gift card at no cost to you.

But the most efficient way is by using the sites Swagbucks. They always pay out on time and are one of the best earners on our list.

For those simply looking for the company that pays the most, we recommend either Survey Junkie or Vindale Research.

With these top survey sites, you can make extra money completing surveys for PayPal cash and then use the money to buy a Visa virtual card.

If you’re finding that one of the methods on our list doesn’t work for you, try another one until you do find one that does.

For me personally, when I have a few minutes at home or am waiting in line, I can take a paid survey or two for some easy points.

These methods also serve as a great way to help you reach your personal finance goals.

And even if you don’t want to claim your free Visa gift card, you can always cash out for another gift card. An Amazon gift card is also a popular choice.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 10 best ways to get a Visa gift card for free. Have other ways to earn? Let us know in the comments below.

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