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12 Apps That Pay You To Exercise

apps that pay you to exercise
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Want to get paid to stay healthy? We’ve put together a list of 12 apps that pay you to exercise. Whether it be going to the gym or going for a walk, you can stay fit and earn cash at the same time.

The great thing about these apps is that they can be stacked together. Instead of just earning from one app, why not earn from all 12 at the same time?

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s our list of 12 apps that pay you to exercise.

Table of Contents

1. HealthyWage

Healthy Wage capitalizes on groups— whether it’s a friend group or a work group or some other group entirely. Ultimately, Healthy Wage introduces the concept of social dieting.

According to Healthy Wage’s website, academic research and industry experience have both shown that financial incentives and games are powerful weight loss tools. With accountability and structure, it’s social dieting at its finest.

Healthy Wage has taken niche apps to the next level, utilizing competition, team work, encouragement, and (the website admits) peer pressure to lose weight.

Healthy Wage’s website offers tons of examples of real live people who have undergone their weight loss journey through Healthy Wage. (For example, Nate C. from Centre, Penn. lost 107 pounds and won $300. You get to see before and after photos of Nate C. and can even read his success story.)

In addition, to figure out exactly what you’ll earn from your weight loss, you can use the weight loss/exact prize calculator and make a bet by committing to win money by losing weight.

2. Charity Miles

If money’s not going into your pocket, then exercising and earning money for charity has got to be the next best thing.

Realistically, there may be nothing else that’ll make you feel better all over than the combination of selflessness and all of that exercise. It’s total win-win for all parties involved.

Charity Miles has earned over $2.5 million for charity, and you can choose your charity from over 30 charities listed. Charity Miles is sponsored by Humana, Johnson & Johnson and Chobani.

3. Achievement

You’d be well-advised to take Achievement’s Health Survey, as the Achievement app will then begin sharing tailored surveys, health programs and online research studies with you.

If you do healthy activities such as walking, meditating, food logs or join challenges, you’ll get cash in exchange for the points you earn.

According to Achievement’s website, they’ve paid out over $500,000 and you can earn $10 for every 10,000 points you earn. Just for signing up for the app, you’ll receive points.

4. Runkeeper

This app doesn’t offer you money directly, but it is a rewarding, multifunctional app for bikers, runners and joggers. It’s really for a huge range of people and ability types: for those who run for fun to those training for a marathon.

You can track the pace, workout distance, time, cadence and elevation of your exercise, and it’s easy to set goals for yourself using its activity tracker.

You automatically get an easily snapshotted view of your training in real time, and the app will gently “nag” you if you don’t quite get that workout in when you should, or when you normally do.

Its website indicates that you can get workout rewards and can upgrade to Runkeeper Go to get more in-depth details on your workouts and rewards.

You can always join challenges, participate in virtual races and share your achievements with others.

5. Walgreens Balance Rewards

If you’re already a loyal customer at the Walgreens right down the street from your house or apartment, you can walk there every day and earn points, which turn into dollars.

More than just walking, there are a few ways to earn points through Walgreens, including:

  •         Set a healthy goal: 250 points
  •         Achieve a healthy goal: 250 points
  •         Link a health app or device: 250 points per device
  •         Walk, run or cycle: 20 points per mile
  •         Exercise activities: 20 points per daily log
  •         Weigh-in: 20 points per daily log
  •         Test blood pressure: 20 points per daily log
  •         Monitor blood glucose: 20 points per daily log
  •         Quit tobacco with NRT: 20 points per daily log

These points equal $1 for 1,000 points all the way up to $50 for 40,000 points. It’s free to join, and you can download the Walgreens app or join online.

To redeem your Balance Rewards, you can use your phone number in store at checkout, use a mobile card, physical card or sign in at

6. Bounts

Bounts, founded in the UK, allows you to connect your favorite fitness apps and devices or track directly from your phone pedometer to earn points.

You can use your points to join challenges, including Kudos, Chance of a Reward and Guaranteed Reward challenges. The points can be redeemed on Bounts’ online shop, and can be “spent” on a variety of options, from sportswear to gadgets.

7. Pact

Pact also uses cash stakes to help you achieve your health goals. The requirement is that every week, you make a Pact to exercise more or eat healthier, and you have to pay other Pact members if you don’t fulfill your Pact goals (genius)!

Using the Pact app to track your progress, you’ll also earn cash when you live healthfully. And if others don’t? Well, then, when others fail to meet their goals, money finds its way directly into your pocket.

There are three different types of Pacts. You can choose to make a Pact with all three or just one. The types of Pacts include a gym Pact, veggie Pact and food logging Pact, which obviously help you stay in shape, eat more vegetables and require you to log your meals.

8. DietBet

The name itself seems pretty explanatory. However, DietBet has some other features that are are unique compared to some of the other betting apps out there.

Essentially, you’ll bet on yourself to lose weight, and if you reach the goal, you and a group can split the pot. You can choose from games or start your own game and challenge your friends.

The Kickstarter game involves losing 4% in four weeks, the Transformer game involves losing 4% in four weeks, and the Maintainer game involves keeping the weight off for 12 months.

You’ll all put money in the pot, and at the end of whatever timeframe you choose, all group members who have lost, say, 4% of body weight after four weeks gets to split the pot.

You’re required to send in photos of you on a scale and a photo of the scale’s readout—and a referee reviews each photo. (It’s DietBet’s innovative plan to prevent cheating.)

Within 24 hours of your final weigh-out, the pot is divided among the winners, and they can apply winnings to the next DietBet or cash out via PayPal.

9. GOODcoins

GOODcoins website encourages customers to request an invitation to join GOODcoins for free and connect to a device.

You can walk, run or cycle for 30 minutes daily, ultimately earning GOODcoins and to use in the GOODcoins shop. (Earth-friendly and people-friendly products are the only available items).

You can also use the GOODcoins you’ve earned and donate them to a charity—another way to get a double-whammy benefit in for all. GOODcoins also offers featured challenges, offers and surveys as a way to also earn even more.

There’s a great firsthand account of GOODcoins and how it benefited one family, which really helps outline what the product is and why it’s beneficial.

10. WellCoin

Wellcoin also offers health-related currency, and allows customers to redeem currency for really good stuff, including at retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Reebok and even Whole Foods. Gym class redemption is also another option as well.

With Wellcoin, if you do things like get seven or more hours of sleep a night, simply choose a healthy beverage, go for a run or even do something fun, you can be rewarded.

Noticed that Fido’s looking a little more rotund these days? Well, if you’re a parent, friend or pet owner, you can also benefit from WellCoin by keeping your dog or kids healthy, too.

You’re required to verify that you actually completed the tasks, there are a few ways to do that. You can use a friend, community, automatic or trusted source verification to keep everyone who uses Wellcoin honest.

Daily category limits include:

  •         Get Moving: 60
  •         Eat Well: 70
  •         Feel Good: 30
  •         Tune Up: 180
  •         Give Back: 180

As a general rule, you will redeem about 1,000 Wellcoins for every $10 worth of rewards and can buy a reward posted in the Reward Center of your Wellcoin account.

11. Runister

Runister will reward you for two different types of activities: running and walking. (That’s fitness walking, however!) Runister’s unique mobile app provides a different approach to boost your healthy routines and help you stay fit.

Simply download the Runister app for free and start earning money. To be rewarded, you are required to complete a set of questions related to your healthy lifestyle. (Essentially, Runister runs on market research.)

In addition, Runister is a fitness survey tool and also offers a lifestyle statistic store with a huge selection of statistic and survey report portals. You can see a running list of all of their surveys on their website.

Runister allows you to connect your PayPal account and withdraw or donate your earnings. There are no vouchers or discounts involved.

If you’re not interested in participating in the surveys or use Runister for free, you can upgrade to Runister Plus, which offers the same characteristics but without the surveys. Runister Plus is available for $4.99 per month and is charged to iTunes at confirmation of purchase.


California-based American Specialty Health, a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH), offers rewards by connecting your existing fitness center to an app.

You can log your progress using the ExerciseRewards CheckIn! app or visit one of 8,000 contracted fitness centers to track your exercise. How you exercise is up to you!

Your rewards come in the form of points. You can earn 5,000 points by working out at a fitness center, and if you’re using a wearable fitness device or app, you’ll earn one point for every step, 250 points for every minute you bike, and 250 points for every minute you swim.

In addition, you can check out a range of classes as well as fun fitness challenges. According to the website, you can view all fitness activity on the website so you can see how far you’ve gone and plan your next goal.

John Hancock’s Vitality program: John Hancock offers a completely different take on the complicated decision about life insurance. You can save on life insurance premiums and also earn rewards and discounts for all of the measures you take to boost your health.

You can also earn an Apple Watch Series 3 for just $25 plus tax or a complimentary FitBit to track your activities. In addition, there are entertainment, shopping and travel rewards and discounts available, in addition to the 15% lowered annual premium benefits.

You can also earn up to $600 per year when you buy healthy food at the grocery store. Companies you can earn from include Apple, Amazon, Hyatt, iTunes, REI, Royal Caribbean International and other travel, entertainment and fitness brands.

John Hancock also supports personalized health goals, nutrition information, wellness tips, resources and other programs that encourage healthy living.

How To Make Money From Exercising Without Apps

If you’re not interested in using apps for exercise, there are also lots of other ways to make money while exercising—aka, an actual gig. Here are some options for you!

  • Be a dog walker (especially if you’re a dog lover already).
  • Get paid for riding around town on your bike as a bike messenger.
  • Serve tables (There’s no doubt, you’re going to be getting your exercise in if you’re rushing from one table to the next.)
  • Work for a furniture delivery company. Talk about using multiple muscle groups, all the time, all at the same time!
  • Learn to give on-foot tours as a local guide—check to see if your town or city needs tour guides. It’s possible to check with local museums, tourist destinations, etc. Check with your local chamber of commerce. And, if you’re a college student, look into giving tours for your college campus. There’s likely some work study dollars available there for you.
  • Work in a gym—the obvious location. Even if you’re not a gym instructor, even working out at the front desk will give you ample access to gym equipment.
  • Work for a landscaping company. They’re always looking for seasonal help—and you’ll get a great workout in every day!
  • Be a nanny. You’ll chase kids around all day long. Enough said.

Final Thoughts

Whew! As you can see, there are tons of apps out there, but it’s completely worth your time to research all of your available options. There may be a certain app that appeals to you over another.

The sky’s the limit as you look into each feature of these apps, as well. They may include audio cues, the option to invite friends, track routes and/or suggest routes.

They may incorporate you and a group of people into challenges. In addition, they can offer workout comparisons, give you prescribed workouts, help you work with a goal coach, and also get you moving with your favorite playlist.

There’s literally no shortage of what’s possible, and whether it’s a virtual coach or a real coach egging you on, your chances of success are much higher through these types of communities.

As for the betting apps, before jumping into either DietBet or HealthyWage, it’s always a great idea to canvass your friends or office mates to see one of those apps appeal to them.

A healthy dose of competition with these types of apps goes a long way toward burning calories and getting results.

As for the non-app ideas, fortunately, some of these could possibly serve as side jobs if you don’t have the time to commit full time to one particular job or another.

No matter what, if you’re exercising, you might as well be earning money.

If you have any more apps that pay you to exercise that you’d like to add to this list, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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