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25+ Free Gift Card Apps That Actually Work

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Now it’s even easier than ever to earn free gift cards from apps.

Earn cash from completing simple tasks from your phone. This includes, watching videos, scanning receipts, or even just walking into a store.

The best part? They’re all 100% free to join, so you won’t lose any money to make money. Some even pay you with PayPal cash!

It’s important to note that these apps won’t be a replacement for your day job. However, they can help you make $100 or more per month if you use more than one consistently.

I currently use seven of the apps on this list when I have free time. On average, I make about $150 per month total for a few minutes of my time with each app. It’s not much, but it’s a decent side gig.

Want to skip the list and get started immediately? Here’s a short list of some of our favorite free gift card apps:

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s a list of 28 free gift card apps.

Table of Contents

1. Ibotta (Get Paid To Scan Receipts)

Ibotta is currently one of the most popular receipt scanning apps out there. Get paid to scan your receipts when buying electronics, groceries, prescriptions, meals at restaurants and more.

The best part? You get a $10 bonus when you scan your first receipt.

Ibotta has expanded and now you can even get paid to shop through their partner apps.

For example, let’s say you want to buy something at Groupon. Go to the Ibotta app and click on Groupon to be redirected to their app (or asked to install it if you don’t have it already).

From there, make a purchase on the Groupon app like you normally would. Earn 10% in cash back on your total purchase price. This amount will be deposited directly into your Ibotta account.

Ibotta has expanded and you can now earn money for shopping online as well as linking your loyalty cards.

When you reach a minimum balance of $20 in your account, cash out for Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Best Buy and many other gift cards. You can also cash out for PayPal or Venmo.

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2. Shoptracker (Earn $36 Per Year For Doing Essentially Nothing)

Shoptracker has to be one of my favorite apps on this list, essentially for its easy of use.

If you’re an Amazon shopper, you can easily earn an extra $36/year by having the Shoptracker app track your Amazon purchases.

In order to get started, all you have to do is fill out a short survey about your Amazon shopping experience. From there, install the Shoptracker app to your phone and link your Amazon account. You get a $3 bonus for completing this step.

From there, for each month that you leave the app installed, you get an additional $3 bonus per month. This totals out to $36 per year in passive income ($39 the first year with the bonus).

Each reward is given in the form of a Visa gift card for free.

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3. Shopkick (Earn Gift Cards for Completing Shopping Tasks)

Shopkick is one of the best rewards apps out there when it comes to shopping. Get paid to walk in stores, scan barcodes, link your credit cards, refer friends, scan receipts and more.

It seems as if Shopkick is always expanding on their ways to earn. In fact, a few weeks ago they were giving away 2 free $75 gift cards per day. Unfortunately, this promotion has since ended. However, they often have offers like this, so keep your eyes peeled.

Each time you complete a task with Shopkick you earn a certain amount of points called “kicks.” These kicks can be exchanged for cool cash prizes or for a gift card of your choosing. Gift cards include Best Buy, Target, Starbucks and many more.

Earn a 250 kick bonus when you sign-up as a new user, and you also earn 250 kicks for referring your friends. Shopkick is the perfect app for people who love to shop.

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4. Swagbucks (One of the Quickest Ways to Earn Gift Cards)

You can use Swagbucks via the web or on your iOS or Android device. This app happens to be one of my favorites, since there are so many things you can do to earn SBs, the Swagbucks currency.

Two of the most lucrative tasks you can do on Swagbucks include cash shopping and completing offers. Swagbucks has tons of them to choose from and offers great rewards, sometimes even offering bonus rewards for certain offers or retailers.

Gift cards cost different prices, but you can purchase some for as little as 85 SBs, which won’t take much time to earn with surveys, paid games, watching videos, and the many other tasks available.

All the tasks that you can do on the website, you can also do on the mobile app.

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5. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel (Let Nielsen Track Your Activity for Points)

Nielsen Mobile is a program that rewards you for keeping the mobile app on your phone. As you use your phone, the app tracks what you do and uses the information for market research purposes.

You’ll rack up points every month as long as you keep the app on your device. The rewards include gift cards to Amazon or Target, or you can even redeem them for electronics, like TVs.

The only downfall is that you’ll only earn up to about $50 per year, but it’s still easy money just for installing an app.

6. MyPoints (The App That Rewards You on the Go for MyPoints Tasks)

MyPoints isn’t just for your PC or laptop. There’s also an app for Android and iOS devices that lets you do the same tasks wherever you are.

If you use your phone or tablet to shop online, do it through the MyPoints app to get credit for your purchases. You’ll earn points the same way you would for shopping on your PC through the MyPoints website.

MyPoints offers tons of gift card options, like AMC, Bath & Body Works, and Amazon.

7. The Panel Station (One of the Few Reward Apps Available All Over the World)

The Panel Station is for iOS and Android users in various countries around the world. This app rewards you for sharing your opinions through surveys on your phone.

The app sends you notifications when new surveys are available, which has its advantages over emailed survey invites because you can get to them quickly before they fill up.

In addition to redeeming your earnings with various payment methods, you can also choose from some gift cards, like Amazon and Flipkart.

8. FreeMyApps (Over 50 Gift Card Rewards to Choose From)

FreeMyApps is another app that pays you to download new apps to your mobile device.

But, this app has a few extra ways to earn points, such as referring friends and entering contests. You can also complete free and paid offers if there aren’t any apps you’re interested in downloading.

FreeMyApps has some of the most rewards to choose from, including free gift cards to Steam, iTunes, and Amazon.

This app is currently only available for Android.

9. Adme (Get Paid to Unlock Your Phone)

The Adme app is as simple as it gets. Unlock your phone and rack up cash to put toward a PayPal payment or one of several types of gift cards, from Walmart to Google Play.

The app works by displaying ads on your lock screen. It’s one of the first apps that uses the concept of paying you to show you ads on your phone.

You get $1 in your account just to download and start using the app. From there, you’ll get paid randomly when you unlock your phone, rather than on every unlock, to ensure that people are using the app fairly.

To read our full review of the Adme app and how to earn with it, click here.

10. FeaturePoints (One of the Best Referral Bonuses)

FeaturePoints has several gift cards available for you to redeem your points for. Some of the options include PayPal, Amazon, Google Play, and PlayStation.

You’ll download the apps from partnered developers and try them for a minute or so. There’s no obligation to keep the apps you download, as long you try them for the specified amount of time.

This app has a 50% referral bonus, meaning you earn not only your points, but also half of your friends’ points when they earn. FeaturePoints is available for iOS and Android.

11. Fronto (Read News and Get Coupons on Your Phone for Rewards)

Fronto is one of the most popular lock screen apps that pays you to use your phone in many of the ways you do already.

For example, you can get points by reading trending articles, getting coupons for online retailers, and viewing advertisements.

The app will learn your interests over time as you either swipe the screen to pass the advertisement, or engage with what’s on your screen. Then, you’ll start seeing more things that interest you.

You’ll earn points whether or not you interact with what you see on your screen, but you’ll get a bit more for interacting with it.

Fronto offers PayPal cash and Amazon gift cards for rewards and is available on Google Play.

12. Honey (Earn Amazon Gift Cards for Shopping Online)

Honey is a browser extension that can work on your Mac, PC, or laptop. A mobile app isn’t currently available, but it’s in the works.

This app not only saves you money when you shop online, but it also rewards you for using it while shopping. Download the extension and, when you shop at an online retailer, Honey will search its database for money saving coupons.

If it finds one, the Honey will apply it to your cart and reward you with a bonus for using it. If it doesn’t find anything, you can still sometimes earn a bonus from Honey just for trying to save with the app!

Honey also has rotating bonuses with retailers where you can earn even more Honey Gold for shopping. Exchange your Honey Gold for Amazon gift cards. You only need 1,000 to redeem, which will give you $10.

13. Mobee (Get Paid to Mystery Shop)

Mobee operates on the idea of “missions,” which are basically mystery shops that require you to complete specific tasks in nearby stores. You might need to provide your thoughts on a customer service experience or take photos of an in-store display.

Most missions will only take a few minutes and will give you five to ten questions to answer. Your answers get sent back to the store to improve the customer experience.

Within 24 hours, Mobee approves most missions. Then, you’ll get your points credited, which you can redeem for various gift cards. This app is for iOS and Android.

14. AppKarma (Get Apps, Get Rewards!)

AppKarma offers another simple concept for an app that rewards you with gift cards. You’ll complete offers, which usually consists of the download and use of apps, to earn points.

You’ll also get some extra points for actually using the apps you’ve downloaded daily, so the app rewards you for keeping those apps on your phone. Earn more by unlocking achievements and increasing your reward level.

AppKarma also has a great referral system that gives you 30% of everything your referrals earn!

Turn in your points for PayPal cash or one of several gift cards from top retailers. The app is available for iOS and Android.

15. Panel App (Easy Surveys for Reward Points)

Panel App works on iOS and Android devices, paying you to complete surveys, enter sweepstakes, and refer friends.

You can also earn rewards for background reporting, which pays you to use information about your device and your mobile activity. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the app if you don’t agree with it tracking your location and usage.

Trade your points in for various gift cards to Old Navy, Dominos, Olive Garden, and more.

16. Perk (Get Rewarded for Binge-Watching TV)

Perk gives you a way to earn gift cards for doing something you likely do every day: watching TV!

Remember to visit the Perk app before starting a show. You can watch a live or streaming show on cable, Netflix, or whatever medium you choose.

As you watch, Perk will rack up points in your account. You just have to go through the ads that come on intermittently on the app and click through when they’re done to get rewarded.

Perk offers numerous gift cards, from eBay to Starbucks.

17. Perk Unlock & Win (Perk’s Version of Screen Lock Reward Apps)

Perk Unlock & Win is a sister app of Perk that rewards you for unlocking your phone screen, working much like other lock screen reward apps.

The app will show you ads for brands, new products, apps, and more. You’ll get rewarded for viewing the ads and interacting with them. You can turn your points in for one of over 180 gift cards, or save them up for other Perk rewards, like electronics or airline miles.

The best part is that this app will sync your points to your Perk account, so everything you earn from it and Perk TV will go to the same account.

This app is currently available for Android devices only.

18. PocketFlip (Mobile Giveaways and Rewards)

PocketFlip is quickly becoming one of the most popular iOS and Android reward apps.

There are a few things you can do with it to earn Coins, like take quick surveys, download apps, take photos for various companies, and more. You can also shop through the app to earn cash back on your purchases.

PocketFlip offers popular gift cards as rewards, like Amazon and iTunes.

19. Qmee (Earn Cash Just for Viewing Recommended Products)

Qmee is one of the easiest ways you can possibly earn cash online, and it’s available for your computer and mobile devices!

Qmee rewards you for shopping. But, you don’t even have to make a purchase. Just use the Qmee browser extension or mobile app to search for products. The app will show you recommended products, and you’ll get real cash just for seeing them.

If you purchase any of the recommended products through Qmee, you’ll get even more. You can earn more cash by participating in surveys.

Qmee usually pays your earnings to PayPal, but sometimes has offers for cashing out with a gift card. If the option is available, you’ll see it in your account.

20. QuickThoughts (Take Easy Surveys for Electronic Gift Codes)

QuickThoughts offers paid surveys for iOS and Android devices.

The app has both quick surveys that are only a few questions long and long-form surveys that will pay you more points for completion. You can get up to $3 per survey and can cash out with $10 in your account.

One of the most popular rewards is an Amazon gift card, but there are more gift card rewards to choose from among your favorite restaurants and retailers.

21. Receipt Hog (Share Your Receipts for Points)

Let Receipt Hog gobble up your receipts through the iOS or Android app. Your receipt can be from any retail store or restaurant!

Scan your receipts and you’ll get Coins, sweepstakes entries, and turns at the virtual slot machine. The scanned receipts help influence brands through market research. The app even stores your receipts so that you don’t need to hang on to the paper copy.

Receipt Hog rewards you with PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards.

22. Receipt Pal (Snap Receipts for Gift Cards and Cash Bonuses)

Receipt Pal is similar to Receipt Hog in that you get rewarded for scanning your receipts, which also is for market research purposes.

With this app, you can even connect your email inbox to it to find emailed receipts and credit you.

You fill out “cards” by scanning your receipts. A full card gives you rewards, and you can have up to five cards at any time. You even get new cards to fill up every week.

You’ll also earn sweepstakes entries when you fill out cards that can give you bonus rewards.

23. Slidejoy (The App That Rewards You Just for Using It)

Slidejoy is one of the few lock screen apps that pays you the same for every task, no matter what you do with your phone. There are no extra rewards for engaging with the news and ads displayed on your device; you get the same amount for skipping over them.

Slidejoy has 12 reward options, from PayPal cash to gift cards. You can cash out your rewards every month.

This app is currently available only for Android users.

24. Google Opinion Rewards (One of the Best Options for Android Users)

If you want to earn Google Play gift cards for your Android device, Google Opinion Rewards is the way to do it. I use it for mine and gather quite a bit of Google Play credits from it alone throughout the year.

Google Play will send you quick surveys to take on an as-needed basis. They’re usually only three to five questions long and many pay between $0.10 and $0.50 each. I’ve had a few pay $1 or more for only a few questions.

Surveys don’t come very often, but I usually get one or two a month, giving me some quick Google Play credits for a few seconds of my time.

25. Viggle (Get Double the Perk Points)

Viggle is an app like Perk that pays you to watch live or streaming TV. But, it also rewards you with Perk Points, which is Perk’s currency, so you get a chance to earn even more rewards for your Perk account with a different app!

Viggle is available on iTunes and Google Play. You can redeem your Perk Points for gift cards directly through Viggle, so you won’t have to switch to Perk to do so.

26. AppNana (Download Paid Apps for Free AND Earn Rewards)

AppNana partners with other app developers to bring you paid apps for free. When you download them, you’ll get “Nanas,” which is the app’s currency, similar to a point system.

You can trade in your Nanas for real gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Xbox. Essentially, you’re getting paid apps for free PLUS gift cards, just for downloading and using new apps.

AppNana has a referral program, too, for top influencers to make even more money using their YouTube or other social media accounts by referring people to the app.

AppNana is available for iOS and Android.

27. App Trailers (Watch Trailers and Download Apps for Cash)

App Trailers is an app for iOS and Android devices that pays you to complete tasks through the app. Mostly, you’ll download and try other apps to make money.

You can also watch videos and advertisements, refer friends, play trivia games, and watch movie and app trailers to earn points.

Your points then go toward one of the rewards in the App Trailers catalog, featuring popular gift cards like Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

For extra chances to win, be sure to enter the current sweepstakes. And, you’ll get bonus points every day for participating in the daily bonus questions.

28. Bing (Search the Web for Free Gift Cards)

Bing is an incredibly easy way to earn gift card rewards by doing something you do anyway: searching the web! This is Microsoft’s search engine, and does basically the same thing Google does by finding you the information you need.

Bing used to be available only on the web, but it’s now an app for iOS and Android, too. The app also has additional functionality, like the ability to scan barcodes as you shop to compare prices.

But, the best part is that Bing rewards you for using the app to complete your searches when you’re signed into your Microsoft account. Use your points for gift cards for things like Walmart and other retailers, Skype credits, or save them up for gaming devices.

You can also use points to enter sweepstakes to win great prizes, like laptops and gaming bundles.

Maximizing Your Earnings with Free Gift Card Apps

Apps that reward you with gift cards aren’t all created equal. Some offer better rewards for your time than others and some even end up being scams in the end. The ones on this list, however, have all proven to pay as they’ve promised, based on various user reviews around the web.

If you find other apps that promise free gift cards but aren’t sure if they’re legit or worth your time, here are a few things you can look for:  

  • Sign-Up Bonus. A good app doesn’t have to have a sign-up bonus, but it sure does help you get a good start with your rewards. I like seeing at least a $1 bonus for signing up.
  • Privacy Terms. It’s a good idea to check out the app’s privacy terms. How does it use your information? Is it going to spam your email inbox? The apps on this list are legitimate and won’t use your information in shady ways, but that doesn’t mean all apps will do the same.
  • Cash-Out Thresholds. How long an app takes to send you your reward says a lot about it. Look for ones that send your gift card within a few days to a couple of weeks, at most, after you cash out, and don’t require a ridiculous amount of points to cash out.
  • Most Importantly: Never Pay! You should never have to pay to sign up for a website or mobile rewards app. If one requires payment, run.

Remember that many of these apps do similar things, like reward you for shopping or unlocking your phone screen.

There’s no point signing up with more than one similar type of app, since you won’t be able to get cash back shopping from more than one app at a time, or have several apps showing things on your lock screen at a time. Instead, try a few out and pick the one you like the best.

Final Thoughts

These apps may not give you rewards fast enough to get a gift card every week, or even every month. But, the good thing about them is that they reward you just for doing things you do anyway, like shop online, use your phone, and watch TV.

Try some apps on the list that look interesting to you. Stick with the ones you like and remember to use them when you have spare time to rack up easy rewards.

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