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15 Best Apps For Referral Bonuses

best apps for referrals
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

I use many different apps for earning money and saving money.

They’re all pretty unique, but each one has something I love.

These apps offer great referral bonuses.

When I refer a friend and they use the app, I get free money.

It’s so simple and those bonuses add up fast.

There are thousands of money making apps, so it may be hard to find the best apps for referral bonuses.

This post features 15 of our top picks.

These apps were chosen based on bonus amounts, requirements for getting the bonus, and more.

Check them out below to get started.

Table of Contents

1. Swagbucks

About Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an extremely popular GPT website and app, and they’ve paid over $350 million in cash and gift cards. This site is available to international users, and signing up is free and easy. 

You can earn SB (points) for completing dozens of different tasks. Some examples include completing surveys, watching video advertisements, reading emails, and completing trial offers. 

Each SB is worth about $0.01 and every task is worth a set number of SB. You’ll always know ahead of time how much the task pays, so you can choose whichever ones you prefer. 

Swagbucks Referral Bonus

When someone signs up for Swagbucks using your referral link, you get 10% of their earnings for life. That means you’ll always earn extra SB as long as your referrals are active Swagbucks users.

Swagbucks Referral Bonus Requirements

Make sure your referrals use your link to sign up for their new account. That’s all you need to do; once they start earning, you’ll automatically get 10% of their SB. 

Swagbucks Review 

2. Ibotta

About Ibotta – Ibotta is frequently recommended in our posts, and it’s easy to see why. It’s one of the best grocery scanning receipts, and it helps you save and earn money. When you buy different products from thousands of retailers, Ibotta pays you cash back. All you do is take a photo of your receipt or scan the QR code. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Ibotta Referral Bonus – You earn $5 for every person you refer to Ibotta.

Ibotta Referral Bonus Requirements – Refer friends to Ibotta using your unique referral code or link. You can find these in the Account section of the app. You’ll get your bonus payment when your referral scans their first receipt from their cash back purchase. Remind your referrals that they earn $10 for signing up, so it’s a great deal for both of you.

Ibotta Review

3. Dosh

About Dosh – Dosh is another well-known cash back app, but you earn money in a passive way. Simply start by linking your credit and debit cards to Dosh. When you shop at Dosh partner retailers, you earn cash back. They partner with many popular retailers, so the whole process is fairly easy. You can easily earn money just by making everyday purchases.

Dosh Referral Bonus – You earn $5 every time you refer a friend to Dosh.

Dosh Referral Bonus Requirements – Refer friends by using your unique referral URL featured in the app. Once a referral links a credit/debit card and makes a cash back purchase, you are awarded your bonus.

Dosh Review

4. Vindale Research

About Vindale Research – Vindale Research is one of the leading survey platforms. This isn’t technically a smartphone app, but the survey website is mobile friendly. You just have to register for free and start taking paid surveys. The surveys are very diverse and plenty of them are always available. Our Vindale Research review is great for learning how to earn up to $12 per hour on this survey site.

Vindale Research Referral Bonus – You’ll receive a $5 bonus per referral.

Vindale Research Referral Bonus Requirements – Refer new users to Vindale Research by using your unique signup link. Once a referral completes their first survey, $5 is deposited into your account. Remind your referrals that they’ll earn a $2 bonus when they sign up, too.

Vindale Research Review

5. YouGov

About YouGov – YouGov is a very unique survey app and website. Most surveys are used for market research and ask similar questions. YouGov collections your opinions about current events, news, media, pop culture, and more. There are no right or wrong answers. The surveys are pretty short, and you’re never screened out while taking them.

YouGov Referral Bonus – You’ll earn 4,000 YouGov points for every successful referral. This is approximately $2.40 depending on the payment method you choose.

YouGov Referral Bonus Requirements – YouGov referral bonus requirements are a bit different than others. First, send your unique referral link to friends or share it via social media. Once your referrals complete three to six surveys, you receive your bonus. The reported number of surveys they must take varies. Make sure to tell your referrals they get 2,000 free points for signing up.

YouGov Review

6. TopCashback

About TopCashback – There are tons of cash back portals for online shopping, but TopCashback is one of our favorites. TopCashback partners with over 4,000 online retailers and you earn cash back when you shop at those retailers. You’ll also get access to coupon codes and money saving deals. It’s truly an ideal tool for online shoppers.

TopCashback Referral Bonus – You’ll earn $10 every time you refer a new user to TopCashback.

TopCashback Referral Bonus Requirements – You can find your unique referral link when you log into your TopCashback account. When your referral signs up and earns $10 in cash back, you’ll get access to your $10 bonus. Encourage people to sign up by letting them know they’ll receive a $10 welcome bonus!

TopCashback Review

7. BeFrugal

About BeFrugal – BeFrugal is my go-to cash back portal, and there are so many things I love about it. They offer high cash back amounts and back them up with the BeFrugal Cash Back Rate Guarantee. This ensures you’ll always get the best deal with them. They partner with over 5,000 retailers, feature coupon codes, and offer limited-time bonuses. It makes any online shopping experience better.

BeFrugal Referral Bonus – You earn a $10 bonus when you refer a new user to BeFrugal.

BeFrugal Referral Bonus Requirements – Click the Refer-A-Friend button on your BeFrugal dashboard. You can share your referral link, post to social media, and even use a website banner. When your referral earns at least $10 cash back within one year, you get a $10 bonus. They receive a $10 bonus for signing up, too.

8. Ebates

About eBates – eBates is one of the most well-known cash back portals. Their app and website work just like BeFrugal and TopCashback. When you shop through eBates, you earn cash back from over 2,500 partner retailers. This isn’t quite as diverse as the options above. However, eBates has very impressive cash back specials during holidays.

eBates Referral Bonus – eBates currently offers a $25 referral bonus. Their bonus amount changes periodically; it may be $5 or $10 at times.

eBates Referral Bonus Requirements – Copy and paste your referral URL from the eBates Refer A Friend page. When new users sign up with your link and earn $25 in cash back, you’ll receive a $25 bonus. They must earn the cash back within one year. Make sure to tell referrals that they get a $10 welcome bonus, too.

Ebates Review

9. FusionCash

About FusionCash – FusionCash is a GPT and cash back website rolled into one. Though it isn’t an app, FusionCash is worth checking out. You can quickly earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, completing trial offers, and accessing cash back deals. FusionCash has been going strong since 2005, so it’s certainly a credible option to explore.

FusionCash Referral Bonus – FusionCash offers many great referral bonuses. You earn $1 per referral when they confirm their e-mail address. You earn another $2 per referral when they complete their first offer. You also earn $5 per referral every single time they cash out.

FusionCash Referral Bonus Requirements – You can find your FusionCash referral URL in your account or on the FAQ page. You’ll receive your bonuses each time your referrals complete the steps mentioned above. Tell your referrals about their free $5 welcome bonus to encourage them to join right away.

FusionCash Review

10. TruNow

About TruNow – TruNow is a new receipt scanning cash back app, and it’s very unique. This app pays you 2% cash back when you scan your gas station receipts. All you have to do is fill up your tank at one of the TruNow partner gas stations. You’ll even get 1% cash back at non-partner locations. The app displays partner gas stations and the lowest local gas prices. It’s an excellent way to save and earn money.

TruNow Referral Bonus – You get a $2 bonus for every referral you make.

TruNow Referral Bonus Requirements – Log into the TruNow app and locate your referral code in the Wallet section. The app’s sharing feature makes it easy to send your code via e-mail, text, or social media. Once a referral signs up and scans their first receipt, you can access your $2 bonus. Each referral gets a free $2 welcome bonus, too.

TruNow Review

11. Survey Club

About Survey Club – Survey Club is a survey website instead of an app, but don’t write it off for that. This platform has over 16 million users, reliable payments, and a good customer support reputation. The survey pay varies depending on the subject and length, but pay reportedly ranges from $0.50 to $10. Survey Club also features high paying focus group opportunities.

Survey Club Referral Bonus – You earn a $1 bonus for every referral you make.

Survey Club Referral Bonus Requirements – The full referral bonus requirements aren’t explained in detail. You’ll earn $1 when a referral signs up using your link. Some members report getting a $5 referral bonus, too.

Survey Club Review

12. Fetch Rewards

About Fetch Rewards – Fetch Rewards ranks highly among receipt scanning apps. Like Ibotta, this app pays you cash back when you buy specific items or brands. But unlike Ibotta, you don’t have to shop at a partner retailer. Purchase the items anywhere you’d like, take pictures of your receipts, and earn cash back. Fetch Rewards has fewer offers than Ibotta, but their cash back amounts are usually higher.

Fetch Rewards Referral Bonus – You earn a $1.50 referral bonus every time you refer a new user.

Fetch Rewards Referral Bonus Requirements – Use the Fetch Rewards app to locate your unique referral code. Share this code via e-mail, text, social media, and more. Once your referral signs up using your code and scans their first receipt, you get your $1.50 bonus. Always encourage potential referrals by telling them about the $1.50 welcome bonus, too.

Fetch Rewards Review

13. Drop

About Drop – Drop is a passive cash back app that’s similar to Dosh, and I’m personally a big fan of it. You just have to securely link credit/debit cards you use to the app. You select five Drop partner retailers where you can earn cash back. There are even dozens of bonuses you get just for linking cards, subscribing to the e-mail list, and other simple tasks.

Drop Referral Bonus – When you refer a new user, you’ll currently earn a $5 referral bonus. At other times, this bonus is only $1.

Drop Referral Bonus Requirements – Locate your unique referral code in the Invite Friend section; this appears when you click your profile picture. You can copy your code, send it via text, share it on social media, and more. You and your friend both get $5 when they link their first card.

Drop Review

14. Makeena

About Makeena – Makeena is a receipt scanning app that’s very different from others. You earn cash back when you buy healthy foods, eco-friendly products, and similar items. You even get a small reward for scanning any receipt at all. There are more fun and simple bonuses, and we discuss them in our Makeena review.

Makeena Referral Bonus – You currently earn a $1 referral bonus each time you refer a new user. This amount may change periodically; the bonus was $2 and $5 at different times.

Makeena Referral Bonus Requirements – Find your referral code in the Makeena app, and you’ll receive $1 whenever someone signs up with it. No additional requirements are mentioned.

Makeena Review

15. Shopkick

About Shopkick  – Shopkick is yet another receipt scanning app, but it’s more diverse than others. You earn cash back when you buy items at certain stores, but that’s not all. You also earn money when you scan product barcodes, walk inside of stores, and more. Shopkick puts a fun spin on earning cash back.

Shopkick Referral Bonus – Earn a $1 bonus each time you refer a new user to Shopkick.

Shopkick Referral Bonus Requirements – Locate your Shopkick referral code in the app. When new users sign up with your code, you earn a $1 bonus. The bonus appears in your account once they scan their first receipt. Remember to tell your referrals that they receive a $1 welcome bonus, too.

Shopkick Review

16. Zap Surveys

About Zap Surveys– Zap Surveys is newer than many popular survey apps. The good news is that it’s already gaining a good reputation. You complete market research surveys, and each survey pays $1 or more. Even if you get disqualified from a survey, you receive partial payment. This high payment amount and partial payment feature are unique and beneficial.

Zap Surveys Referral Bonus – For each referral you make, you’ll earn $0.15 or $0.50. It depends on the referral method you use.

Zap Surveys Referral Bonus Requirements – When you directly refer new users with your code/URL, you receive a $0.15 referral bonus. If you share Zap Surveys referrals on Facebook and Twitter, you earn $0.50 referral bonuses.

Zap Surveys Review

More Ways To Earn Free Bonuses

It’s incredibly easy to earn free money using the best apps for referral bonuses. Use as many as you want to get paid as much as possible. Referral bonuses are great, but they aren’t the only ones available. Read these posts for more ways to earn free bonuses:

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